Juice up your experience: The best e liquid and e-cig experience

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Ever wonder how electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) manage to simulate the feeling of smoking a real one? E-cigs use a mixture of various chemicals called e liquid as a substitute for nicotine. The e liquid is transformed into vapor by a vaporizer which converts an active ingredient into vapor or smoke. E liquid is made up of fewer chemicals compared to a cigarette.
Vapers, or those who use e-cigs, know the importance of e liquid in the use of e-cigs. Without e liquid, the e-cigs will just be like an empty husk that is incapable of giving vapers what they need. E liquid is essentially what gives life to e-cigs.
There are many e-cig brands that claim to have the best e liquid but the best e liquid can only be the best if it is safe and not harmful to the user. E liquids should undergo the right processes of safety and be inspected properly.
best e liquidE liquid comes in a variety of flavours. Nicotine content of said liquid also depends on the user. Some vapers enjoy the feeling of smoking a cigarette without the danger of nicotine while there are some who still add nicotine content but the nicotine is lesser compared to the ones in real cigarettes. E liquids are also refillable which makes them cheaper and more practical than disposable cartridges.
With e liquid, electronic cigarette smoking becomes a safer and more comfortable experience for people especially to those who are trying to quit nicotine addiction. Although data that proves that electronic cigarettes help curb nicotine addiction is still debated by researchers and scientists, the use of electronic cigarette or vaping no doubt helps give smokers an alternative. E-cigs are also rechargeable and because of this, users may use them longer than real cigarettes.
The best e liquid and e-cig experience usually happens when you try out different flavours for the first time. The feeling of excitement as the flavour envelops your whole body is exhilarating. Even if it is not really a cigarette, vaping gives you the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette.
Going to gatherings and other conventions where vapers gather will help you know more about e liquids as well as e-cigs. The vaping community is an emerging group where vapers get to know and interact with each other. The best e liquid experience for you may not be the same for others so sharing them during conventions is a good idea. Likewise, other vapers may share things to help you improve your vaping experience. As the saying goes, “No man is an island” and surely, an enjoyable activity such as vaping and sharing vape stories with each other is more fun if done with friends.
Usage of electronic cigarette or vaping may not have strict regulations as of now but as a safety precaution, remember that everything should be kept in moderation. Also, keep in mind that to enjoy the best e liquid experience, safety and proper usage of e-cigs should be remembered too. E liquids, like any other chemicals, should be kept away from children and be stored properly.
Vaping is a safe and fun experience that can help control your nicotine addiction. If you are a vaper who has never tried a real cigarette prior to vaping, then you could say that vaping is a new experience that lets you experience what smoking is like. E liquid adds to the fun and makes vaping more awesome by giving it life and flavour. E liquid’s variety and flexibility as a component of e-cig makes vaping an arguably better experience than smoking.

Designing lapel pins: how to

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Being part of an organization is a fantastic honor to have. Most new members are eager to display their affiliation that they buy off any merchandise available. But if organizations had their merchandise customized and distributed to members only, it would create a cloud of exclusivity that all of its people can enjoy.

One of the frequently used group merchandise is the lapel pin. These small pins are usually worn on the lapel of the jacket – thus, the name – and are customized according to the needs of the client. This means that each batch of lapel pins made can be designed according to the group’s affiliation.

lapel pinsBut in designing a customized pin, some people bump into issues; the foremost of these being how one designs a pin. To aid in this problem, here is a list of a ways to help one decide on the design.

First, determine your budget. How much is the group actually willing to spend for these lapel pins? Though production for these is usually cheap, the price can rack up easily depending on the colors, manufacturing process, and design chosen by the client. Therefore, it is best to settle this dilemma early on. Have the financial officer set aside a sum for this activity. Members can also be asked to contribute, since the activity concerns an internal affair. If funds are lacking, organizations may want to consider holding yard sales and other forms of fund-raising to support the group’s endeavor. But no matter the method of getting funds, determining the budget is an important step because it will dictate the parameters of the pin’s final design.

Next, ask, “Why is the pin being made in the first place?” Some organizations, aside from using them to show membership, give pins out during their events, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops. They can also be sold as souvenirs of said events. Companies sometimes award specially-made lapel pins to employees who have stayed with them for a certain number of years. Knowing the purpose of producing these will also affect the final design of the pin. For example, an organization can mark attendance to certain exclusive events by giving out pins. Naturally, these would be considered limited edition, thus the design would widely differ from the pins that are commonly used by the organization. Recognition pins, on the other hand, might be emblazoned with the achievement of the receiving party.

Aside from these considerations, the actual design is, of course, vital to the process. Determine what the main image of the pin will be. This will most likely dictate the shape of the pin, as well as the other elements of the design. A sports team, for example, could use their school’s or organization’s mascot as the main image of their pin. Business could use their logos. Environmental organizations could use images of their advocacies. For example, those who are leading the fight against dolphin slaughter could use a dolphin as their main image.

Determine also if the pin will be designed with words or not. Universities who give out lapel pins to graduate would include the official motto in the final design. This addition could mean a source of school pride for the graduate. It might also serve as a reminder to apply his or her university’s motto to everyday life. But no matter the reason, including words in the pin’s design would add another cost to the final bill.

Lastly, in designing lapel pins, the colors must be well thought out, especially if they are going to be used to spread awareness. The use of these pins in awareness campaigns cannot be underscored. Breast cancer support groups use the pink ribbon, while red is used by those against HIV/AIDS. Colors can be used to show disagreement to a certain issue, or affiliation to a certain group.

Long considered a fashion accessory, the lapel pin can help an organization advertise their cause. This is why it is important that considerations must be made in producing the final design.

The Right Reasons to Own Gun Safes

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There is always that risk of being a victim of crime. It is for this reason that a lot of people are turning to learning martial arts. However, knowledge of this way of self-defense is now being seen as insufficient by a lot of people. Most of us would agree that buying and owning guns would give us better peace of mind. Now, gun ownership will mean that you have to be totally responsible. One of the things that you must do is to make sure that you have one of those gun safes that are now being sold in stores.

With the cost of gun and licensing already hurting your pocket, you might be led into thinking that it is not really necessary to spend some more money on these firearms safes. Is this thought really justified? According to many current gun owners and authorities, there are many right reasons for us to invest in good safes. Some of these are as follows:

gun safes•For the safety of your family members: Guns are hot on the eyes of kids and teens. With a gun safe, you can make sure that your family stays safe. Only those family members that are responsible enough and are of legal age to handle guns should have access to these things. With a gun safe, you can have peace of mind even when you are away or at work.

•To discourage thieves from stealing your guns: Thieves would commonly prefer guns over any other valuables inside your home. Since a safe will take time to crack or destroy, it acts as a deterrent to theft. The mere sight of vaults or gun safes that are hard to drag away or break into will make a thief think twice about touching these.

•To keep collectible guns and other valuable pieces of documents protected. Some of those guns that are sold at auctions or those that have some sort of historical value could be costly. It is a good idea to make sure that these are kept in a safe that will ensure that it is in good condition. There are also gun safes that have compartments that are intended for valuable documents. By getting your hands on these types of safes, you are actually achieving better peace of mind.

•To ensure that your guns will not end up in wrong hands and get misused: There are guns that are used for hobbies and there are those that are used for self-defense. There is a reason why gun owners undergo strict licensing processes and procedures. In the wrong hands, these guns could injure and kill. It could result in the incarceration of individuals and thousands of dollars in penalties and damages. A gun vault or safe will ensure that these guns are kept away from those who are not supposed to handle them.

•To protect your guns and property from location-specific hazards: These hazards include fire, flood, and even tornadoes. The best protection that you could give your valuables is a safe that is fire-proof or water-proof. These gun safes might cost considerable amounts of money but it will be worth it if you will think about the value of the things that these safes will protect.

•You can comply effectively with what the law states about responsible gun ownership: Some states or regions in the US require gun owners to have effective means of keeping firearms in homes. Such laws are made in order to ensure that youngsters and inexperienced hands don’t get access to guns kept in residential areas. By keeping one of these gun safes at home, you stay compliant with your state’s laws.

Branding Authority With A SEO Service Helping You Out

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Millions of people are searching topics about search engine optimization and many of them are getting the wrong information overall. You can search online all you want for the right elements of optimization to follow through on, but you will notice something will be quite intriguing when you do that. As you start to read through the advice that people give, and all the different pieces of information that you can ascertain from their thoughts, you will end up getting hit with elements that will ask you to hire a professional. Whether they are selling their services or they are sharing the services of others, you will end up finding that there is a lot to be said about the world of marketing from all different corners of the internet. Which is going to give you the most traffic? Well that’s as easy as hiring a good SEO service to help you build authority.

The Main Reason You Cannot Match a SEO Service

seoThere are those that can match the work of a SEO service, in their mind, but when it comes to competing head to head with a professional marketer, you’ll find that it’s not so easy. The main reason why the DIY ideology is not a good thing to chase is simple, it takes a lot of work to master the art. No other technology has intangible elements quite like this. For instance, if you were to work on PHP programming, there is a language that you have to learn and when you connect the dots and launch a site within the framework of the correct pieces, you will see something happen.

You could do the same thing with SEO, work on all the chambers that make it work and launch tomorrow. When you go to your analytics after some time, even if you did everything right, you would see nothing. The biggest myth that is proliferated online in the world of optimization and traffic generation is that you are going to be able to implement the changes and do all the work and see results.

The results that you will get from optimization today is going to take months on end to implement. You will not be able to implement this today and end up seeing it tomorrow. It just takes too much time overall, and that’s something that is going to cause you a great deal of alarm. Focusing on the implementation strategies of marketing today for a greater result tomorrow is something that most will not be able to undersatnd until they see it in action. In some cases, you may hire a professional and see results manifest within a few months, but that’s only after a lot of different elements start to mature.

Authority is Everything Online

Do not be fooled, authority is a module that you absolutely need for online marketing. If you have any type of website today, you need to have a certain trust that builds from the search engines that the end user needs to have in place. If you do not give the trust quotient to the end user, they will not stay on your page. Not only that, websites that have no trust and are not linked within the framework of many other pages, will not be given the right traffic generation needed to move forward.

Many different companies will try to fool you into thinking that authority is just a secondary issue in regards to the world of marketing, but it is not. It’s the absolute most important element that you will need to work on in terms of marketing on the web today. Building authority in the framework of SEO is not something that you can take lightly, you need it to work on a lot of different levels, and if you don’t work on it correctly, you will end up losing out on the greater good. No major website today gets a lot of traffic without authority at the helm.

Creating The Right Pieces of Authority Online

When you hire a professional SEO services, you will find that they will brand your site. They will figure out the elements of your page and then use the right pieces to make sure that you are listed within the trust list of search engines. When you are listed within those pages you will get a higher rank overall, and you will see traffic come through for a long time. Traffic generation is something that is the main goal of this world of marketing. If you do not work within the world of traffic generation, then hiring a service is a waste of money.

Hiring a good company to help you create a good overall repoir within search results means that you will need to work on content, backlinks, PPC, article publishing, press releases, onsite optimization, offsite optimization, and a lot of other branches of the SEO variety. When the balance of all these things are done and they mature online, you will see an endless stream of traffic that will not only create a huge opportunity for you, but will create an infinite reach of potential.

You can go at this without hiring anyone, but you will be sorely disappointed with the results that you get on your own. Hiring a SEO service will be crucial to building the right brand authority online, guaranteed.

Get that Hole in One: Golf Apparel Improves the Game

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For frequent and traditional golf players, choosing the right set of golf apparel could help improve one’s game. There are firm believers that the golf apparel is in fact a golf equipment. Technology has also helped prove this idea by providing the players the best selection of attire for better performance.

For a player, the first thing he should do when purchasing the proper set of golf attire is to evaluate the quality. High quality golf attires have more golf-appropriate features, but would also demand higher price. The material of the golf attire would also affect the quality. It would also be a safe option to choose from well-known and positively reviewed golf clothing companies.

The classic materials used for golf attire are wool and cotton, as these are both breathable and warm. Such materials are best for cool weathers. For breath ability and maximum comfort during any type of climate, a player should purchase lightweight golf apparel. Linen is the best fabric for these lightweight clothes, as it is breathable and comfortable even during the warmest weather. The downside with linen is that it is less durable and wrinkles quickly. Polyester would be the best choice for people who prefer wrinkle-resistant clothes. Polyester is also breathable and has the ability to conform comfortable to the body.

There are also players who indulge in a little vanity while playing golf. For players like this, it is best to choose not only fashionable trendy clothes but also to choose those that fit well, as part of looking good is wearing clothes that are perfectly matched to the body type of the player. Perfect golf attire fit offers the wearer enough room for movement but not too much as it could appear baggy and disorganized. Form-fitting or tight golf attire is not advisable, as it would not only hinder a person’s movement when swinging but also violates certain golf etiquettes.

golf apparelLength is also an important factor to take in when choosing. For men, the top should be long enough for it to be tucked. The bottom should fall below the knees for a pair of shorts or fall at least to the top of the golf shoes for full-length pants. For women, the top could just fall at the hips, as they are not required to tuck the tops into the bottom. The bottom should be at least five to six inches off the seams.

There are also clothes that are specially modified for golf players. A sample feature of golf attire is the moisture-wicking one. This is highly popular during the warm weather. This feature makes certain that the golf player would stay dry and cool by drawing the sweat off the skin to the outside of the clothes. Moisture-wicking features are also able to filter air to allow the players to cool down.

Players would often look for wrinkle resistant features to ensure that they would still look tidy during a game. This golf attire feature is best for those who often play for business purposes, as the wrinkle-free look helps the player still appear professional and fresh, despite the physical activities of the game.

Golf attire accessories are also a great addition to the overall look. One of the favorite accessories of players is a pair of sunglasses. There are golf sunglasses – rimless glasses that certify a 100% UV protection.

Golf apparel is not just worn to keep a classy appearance. There are a lot more golf attire that could help a person when playing golf. A player however, should remember that the attire is only an aid to playing. It is still his actual game play that would inevitably help him win the game.

Are you a true fan? Prove it?

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Americans are probably the biggest sports fans in the world. We seem to have a huge affinity for sports and we have always been die hard supporters of our home town teams. This can be supported by the recently concluded NBA finals between Spurs and the Heats. Needless to say, tension had been flying all throughout the entire championship series. The same can be said true for any other sport that we play. It starts to as early as in our childhood years. There’s always been little league baseball, then there’s junior basketball and even Peewee football. Kids were always attuned to sports even in school to be recognized and fit in with the cool crowd. Americans also don’t waiver in their support especially of their state teams in any sport, there’s Nets for NBA, Yankees for baseball for New York, and a dozen other state teams. And all these stadiums always fill up every home game for people to show their support. And you’d see multitudes of people waving flags, rosettes, and even custom pins.

But they don’t only show their support by going to the games, but they also come with all sorts of sporting merchandise. When you walk into a sports souvenir shop, you can get everything from a team cap, shirt, custom pins, and even team underwear. Talk about diverse!

custom pinWith all these excitement and adoration that Americans show their favorite sports teams however, it becomes harder to distinguish which among them are the true fans and which ones are only joining the bandwagon and supporting the next leading team. How can you stand out from the crowd? Well here’s how:

First, do not be a bandwagon fan. Every single season, there comes a time where one league will rise as a dark horse of the competition. The trend would be for every one of them to follow the leading team and calling themselves true fans. Do not be one of them. Be true to your heart’s desire. Find out for yourself which team you have your heart closest into. It may be a player or an entire state team, and make sure to stick with it. It’s one thing to be a supporter of one team through thick and thin than to be the fan of the flavor of the moment and just collect custom pins and souvenirs.

Second, stock up on unique merchandise. A true fan does not only buy whatever he or she sees on the rack at a store, he also makes his own. You can actually have your own custom pins made for you so that you stand apart from them. Have unique sports merchandise that no one has seen yet. This will definitely set you apart from the millions of fans wearing the same pins and shirts every single game. Make sure however, that the merchandise you have custom-made is of superior quality to avoid looking like a fake knock-off. Have it made in a good shop. You can even give your friends some of them!

Being a sports fan does not only take admiration for a team during good times. It also means commiserating with them during the bad ones. The most important thing is dedication. A true fan is not measured by the number of pins, caps and shirts he or she owns. Nor is it measured by his capability to hoard the most tickets to every show. All it takes is dedication. When you strip away the merchandise, the caps, the shirt and the pins, what should remain is the heart of a true, tested and loyal supporter.

Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere: The Many Faces of Misting Fans

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Misting fans were invented in the 1950’s with the intention of maintaining the humidity in the environment for farmers to yield better crops by harvesting season. In those days, the equipment composed of wool pads that served as storage for water to come into contact with the air generated by mechanical fans. Nowadays, there are more advanced and more convenient materials used for durability and for efficiency of the misting fans. However, there are different kinds of misting fans which are specified for each environment; with each kind of misting fan comes different tools and add-ons that facilitate the efficiency and optimal performance of the misting fan.

    • Industrial Misting Fans. In company factories, misting fanthe working conditions are harsh, even with the presence of air conditioning. Primarily, this is attributed to the machines that are used to process these products that generate heat and make the working environment practically hard for individuals to think clearly. This is one of the reasons why accidents happen in the company, resulting to additional costs on the part of the business. Industrial misting fans are a good investment for the factory, as they are energy-efficient, using as little water as possible while creating an environment that is very much bearable for workers to be in. Other industrial fans are also accompanied by large pumps which will supply water to multiple targets for maintenance of the cool environment. Using an industrial misting fan could also increase productivity for the workers and could also possibly result to a boost in creativity and critical thinking, facilitating in idea generation for the next big thing in the industry.
    • Outdoor Misting Fans. In society, it has become a norm for one to host events that celebrate a memorable occasion, such as debuts, weddings or perhaps even a sports festival. In these cases, most of the mentioned celebrations take place in a lavish garden or inside an events hall. Either way, one must enjoy and commemorate the event with wide smiles and with high spirits. However, the bright sunshine and the wonderful smell of nature is also accompanied by high temperatures, the scorching heat of the day, and the humidity of the atmosphere. Indoors, the amount of people continuously mingling and moving around would generate a lot of heat that might not even be remedied with the use of air conditioning. In cases like this, adding an outdoor misting fan may prove to be helpful in keeping the negative vibes away from special moments that deserve the best attention, and not the worst kind of tension. In addition to this, outdoor misting fans are equipped with a high pressure mist cooling device which reduces the water particles into tiny particles of mist, thereby preventing it from dampening the mood.
    • Household Misting Fans. With the presence of technology, individuals are able to complete their duties within the comforts of their own home. It is a wonder that people can do to the point that they don’t find it necessary to go out and buy groceries, because some supermarkets offer free delivery for your desired products.  In the days where the sun is high and where the clouds are nowhere to be seen, the temperatures rise and the person begins to feel sweaty and very uncomfortable as they work on something that needs to be taken care of at the household. In other cases, one may not even feel the need to get up, making them very unproductive for the rest of the day. With household misting fans, one will feel better and more energetic throughout the day in spite of the harsh weather conditions. Most household misting fans look similar to the electric fan, so it would also be easier to bring around the house should the interior need some cooling.

The use of misting fans has become widespread in different countries across the globe. Other misting fans not specified here are also very much portable and can be brought just about anywhere. But this only proves how much progress man has made towards modernization, from the wool cloth to the holding tanks for water provision. Hopefully, mankind will bring more fascinating inventions that prove how amazing it can become.

The best part about our misting fan is that you stay dry, and you will not get wet!

Diamond Supply Co Provides a Safe and Convenient Shopping Experience

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With the hectic lifestyle of business people looking for an easier way to shop, online shopping has become very popular in recent times.

Online shopping Diamond Supply Cois the process of buying from sellers or suppliers thru the internet. There are certain disadvantages with this kind of service, though, and not the least of which are fraud and security concerns. Without face-to-face interaction, customers will not be able to inspect their purchases, therefore increasing their vulnerability to scams.

However, the advent of more technologically advanced security systems made online shopping less susceptible to frauds and other cyber attacks. These days, modern online stores, such as Diamond Supply Co, are more equipped in ensuring the safety and convenience of customers.

Diamond Supply Co is a California-based clothing and accessory line founded in 1998 by Nick Tershay, a famed skateboarder and designer who is also known as Nick Diamond.

Tershay’s designs are inspired by his familiarity of the street and skateboarder way of life. He gained global notoriety for his revolutionary designs on t-shirts and sneakers made for Nike’s The Diamond “Tiffany” Dunk SB launch. The shoe was the most hyped sneaker release of 2005, and is said to be the most highly-anticipated shoe in the history of the Nike brand.

Diamond Supply Co offers online shopping opportunities to its customers with its very own web-store.

Upon entering the company’s website, you could easily notice its authenticity. The design is minimalistic and professional, suitable for what the brand is trying to project. There is an “About” page that presents a brief history of the company and some of its accomplishments, proving its legality.

To further ensure customers of secure transactions, there is a “Privacy Policy” link located at the footer of the website. This page tells what information from the customer is going to be collected and stored, how they will do it and for what purpose is it going to be used. By giving technical details, the company guarantees the safety and confidentiality of personal data that customers will provide.

An online user can also quickly tell that the company is recognized in the community. Links to their social media profiles are highly-visible all around the website.

As for shopping convenience, the store is available 24 hours a day as long as you have an internet connection. Products are systematically arranged for best navigation experience, with drop-down buttons and links for each product group located at the left sidebar. You can also easily access their best products by clicking the highlighted “Exclusives” button.

A “Customer Service” link is also at the footer for any problems or inquiries regarding purchases. Indicated in this page are the online customer service hours, email response times, and separate contact information for messages not related to procurement.

A FAQ page can also be accessed at the footer. This is for common customer queries such as shipping costs, delivery times, international orders, billing inquiries, new releases and stock availability.

In the event of a problem with the item purchased, a “Return Policy” can be found at the Terms and Conditions page. Although the policy states that Diamond Supply Co does not cater “returns for refunds, credits, or exchanges at this time,” you can have a return/exchange approved as long as you include a proof of contact with the company regarding the return. It also says that “all returns must be included in original packaging accompanied by a copy of the order invoice.” They also specified not approving any returns or exchanges that are over 90 days old.

With all these features, you can be confident that Diamond Supply Co is keen in offering its customers a safe and convenient online shopping experience.

The Best Features to Look for in a Live Chat Service

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When it comes to live chat services, you have to be careful with your choice of service provider. You have to go with one that has been known for the efficient services it provides. The live chat feature is undeniably one of the main reasons why more and more business owners patronize ApexChat when it comes to solving and satisfying their online business needs. It does not only allow for easy communication and interaction between the agent and the customer, it also helps strengthen the bond between the client and the company. This is important in establishing a long term relationship with the customers. Always remember that in every business endeavour, the customer’s concerns should always be on top of the priority list and should be given utmost attention and consideration.

live chatOne of the best features to look for in a live chat service is a cloud-based SaaS platform in which the agent does not have to install any other program or software to make the application function. The agent will just insert scripts which will be provided by the service provider. Within a few minutes, the agent could already start using the software. Such SaaS platform contributes to the hassle-free service provided to their customers.

A good service feature would also have a web-based agent dashboard wherein efficient communication is always ensured. The dashboard wherein the agent conducts the live chat with his customer would already be set in high volume so that the parties to the conversation do not have to raise their voice or shout unnecessarily. The high volume feature makes it more efficient for the visitor to hear what the agent is saying and vice versa. The agent could immediately respond to the visitor’s needs and demands when he clearly hears what is being said. There is no need for delayed responses and services with the efficient agent dashboard.

Another convenient feature is the availability of pre-defined responses and scripts. Instead of having to type every respond manually on the dashboard, the platform allows for pre-defined responses so that the agent could just paste the appropriate response to the visitor’s questions in just one click. The efficiency of the business engagement is strengthened because the visitor does not have to wait for a few minutes for the detailed responses. There are providers that also offer customizable pro active invites. The chat invitation box has a very nice feel that the visitor will surely be tempted to use it without hesitation. It also loads quickly so that the customer does not have to wait very long to get his questions answered.

It would also be great to have a chat window that is customizable. The agent could customize the chat window in various ways that he thinks would attract and invite more customers to use it. The feel of the chat window could be enhanced to make the visitors feel that the setting is not that stressful. Also, it the dashboard has sound alerts, so the visitor will be notified every time there is an immediate update and solution about his concerns.

Another important feature is the backup answering service. What is good with this feature is that does not make any visitor feel that he is unattended and not welcome in your website because the chats that are not or could not be picked up by agents will be immediately transferred to the chat center, and in that way, all the chats will be attended to. Some service providers also give the site visitor the option to leave a message whenever a live agent is not yet available. The site visitor will just have to fill in the email form wherein he could write his questions.

The web page push feature wherein the agent could push web addresses to the chat window for the visitor to see and open is also convenient.These web addresses are relevant to the questions of the visitor so it is one way of addressing the visitor’s concerns.

ApexChat is a service provider that offers all these features. You can get more information from their website about how they can help you with your live online chat needs.

Top Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools for Optimizing Self-published Websites

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Financial capital isn’t necessary if you’re planning to establish an online business. In fact, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are into self-publishing, with the use of free web content platforms like WordPress.

The challenge for self-publishers SEO Toolsis to make their site visible online. This can be done through a process called search engine optimization (SEO), which can help a site appear higher on organic searches.

Some businesses choose to hire companies to build and manage SEO-friendly websites for them. But for self-publishers, optimizing a website for search engines is pretty much a do-it-yourself task.

Thankfully, there are a lot of free search engine optimization (SEO) tools out there that will help you optimize your website on your own.

Here are some of the top picks of bloggers and self-publishers:-

Google Analytics:

Before you can optimize your site, you need to know what you have on hand. Google Analytics will show you all the relevant information you need about your site’s status, ranking, site traffic, and others.

XML Sitemaps:

XML is a scripting language often used by professional developers to define certain properties of web page during the process of site building. XML Sitemaps is a potent diagnostics tool that generates an XML file for your website. With this tool, you can tweak your site’s properties to improve its visibility in online searches.


Ubersuggest is an online keyword tool you can use if you are running out of keyword ideas for your site content. You only need to insert a word or phrase in the box and Ubersuggest will provide you with keyword suggestions based on Google suggest and other online keyword suggestion services.

Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster is an entire toolbox for web publishers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one of the many tools that come with this free tool suite from Google. It contains everything you need, from diagnostics to tweaking tools and content tools.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

The Keyword Planner has replaced the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which was one of the most popular keyword research tools for many web publishers. It allows you to research popular keyword searches along with related keywords. Unlike the Keyword Tool, the new Keyword Planner requires signing in to Adwords before you can use it.

Remove’Em Anchor Text Over-Optimization Tool:

Remove’Em is an online tool that allows you to identify anchor text links that may be flagged as spam by search engines like Google and Yahoo. You will only need to insert your site URL and Remove’Em will create your site’s backlink profile. This diagnostics tool will help you prevent potential flags and make necessary changes before publishing your site.

SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin:

For WordPress users, this search engine optimization (SEO) plugin is one of the best tools in the trade. It integrates SEO capabilities on your website, so that you can tweak your site’s settings to make it SEO-friendly even before it gets published.

Bing Webmaster Tools:

This is also a tool suite for web publishing, this time from the search engine Bing. One of the best features is the Bing SEO analyzer which can help you identify possible issues on your website pages, coding and problematic content which could earn you a spam flag on popular search engines.