Wedding Dress Partner Collaborations in 2016

2016-11-15 | By cubed3 | 0 Comments

One of our ongoing successful collaborations this year has been with a wedding dress maker called Dynasty London. They have been a major player in the wedding dress industry since the 90’s. That really is a testament to their business practices and shows a high level of customer satisfaction from being around that long. With that being said, we are extremely pleased to be working together whereby we have partnered to allow cross referrals from business to business. Typically we benefit greatly out of the deal as most people will naturally plan to look from wedding dresses prior to wedding invitations.

A Little About Dynasty London Wedding Dress Makers

The Dynasty London brand is relatively well known in the UK as their online presence has grown significantly over the years. They are based in London and have operated out of a warehouse in the area for many years now. Dynasty London have been offering superior quality made to order dresses, custom wedding dresses, couture evening gowns and formal dresses to women from all around the world.


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